Monday, August 23, 2010

Help please!

what is the little metal thing that is between the bottom of a bead and the head pin?

I need some cool/fancy ones but since I do not know what they are called I can't find them on line.

Any help would be appreciated.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

I did it!

Picture from: All Norah's art-- I'm gonna learn how to make stuff like this! yah!
Of Towers & Turrets class example

I paid my class dues today.

I was feel low as I am not going back to school.

Therefore I can't buy school supplies :o(

Now I can!

Don't ya just LOVE new "school" supplies?!?
Lots of pretty pictures of my art to follow.
Hold on to your bloomers---
Class starts August 27!
& I get me some new supplies after all!
Don't ya just LOVE a happy ending??

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stealing is soooo very UNattractive!

NOTE: all beads & pictures in this post are by the very talented JulsBeads on etsy

don't you agree? stealing beautiful beads out of anothers cart is just WRONG! I had those sparkley blue beads in my cart, went back to check out the black, went to buy them and someone had snatched the blue one right out of my cart! These beads should have been MINE!

Cotton Candy pictured above will be used to make something wonderful for my daughter.

these beautiful babies above are for ME!

And both sets are MINE already paid for so no thief can sneak in with her fast fingers and snatch'm outa my cart.
Too bad Juls doesn't live next door so I could pop over to get them NOW. Guess I'll just set out on the front porch & wait for the mail man to bring my new beadies to me.
Have a COOL Thursday.