Sunday, October 3, 2010

I have an excuse

Since I started my new job my brain has just been over worked. Plus my allergies are off the chart. My ear is giving me fits again............

So when I sit down at my work bench I have just been flat out copying other artist's work. Since I don't post them or sell them ( I did give a couple away) and I usually have purchased a book or pattern of some sort I figure it's kinda O.K.

Now that I am getting accustom to getting up before the sun and have gotten down a few of the basics of Fund/Government accounting I have been coming up with a few ideas of my own.

October is Luzs birthday month so I shall be busy putting a couple of things together for her. I purchased a couple of bead sets from julsbeads to make Luzs a bracelet or two, however, I don't think I will make for her as I want those bead for ME! Just to hold and look at.

On a different note SO glad fall came to visit us. The Tulsa State Fair is in town and we want to walk around and chow down on all the awesomeness those bad people serve. Cool weather will make us use more energy so we will have to eat more!!! See I got a plan.
Oh and that adorable picture of a gorgeous pup? I found a lady on etsy that makes beads that resemble your fur baby. Since my Maggie is a rescued mutt I can't find her "mix" any where. So Sueann is gonna make us a bead that is half beagle and half silky just like Maggie Mae. How awesome! (ain't she cute? she is telling me it's too cold for her to get a bath.......)

Have a wonderful week!


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