Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Please don't smoke

Picture from Lori's shop. Used with her permission.

I bought this bracelet from Lori at theroyalbead on etsy for Luzs.

Good message.
Lori also makes necklaces and ear rings.

Check it.

f rancy.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I found one or two!

Or three! I could not decide which one was the best one. Spool or French knit spools that is.

Hobby Lobby had two four prong French knit spools. One is the cutest bee and the other is just deep yellow. The pins are different on both so I purchased both of them to see which one was easier to slip the wire over while "knitting". Then to my surprise at the Walmart in BA I found a Knifty Knitter that is the same set up except it is plastic with five pins. This one looks like it would work better with 24 or 22 gauge wire to make a necklace for the heavy glass daughter has.

I purchased some 28 gauge copper wire to use on the bee French knitter (or the ugly yellow one). Pics to follow!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Spool knit jewelry

Have you ever heard of it? Spool knit jewelry? It looks like easy fun especially if you have one of the really cute spools. I liked the bee design and the one that looks like a little girl.
Does anyone know where to purchase one........ a cute one that is?
If not I will have to settle for an ugly red one.
Do you use the four spike or the five?
I have found all kinds of videos on the net on "how to".
I think I must run to town this week end in search of a new toy.