Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Metal needed ~~~ CoPpeR

Where do ya all purchase your large metal? I mostly need CoPpEr~~ but would also like to try brass and a silver metal.

I want to make my on bead caps (gauge?) and necklace/bezel bases. I took an online class, Tower and Turrets, but can't remember the sizes of metal we needed as I was working full time back then and really did not work the class like I should have.

Still can't comment on some blogs and then no problem on others :o(

Home on the couch with a NASSTY virus today. Just sitting here . . . not fun.

Looking for some sunshine!

(update: I bought some metal at Hobby Lobby. Michales had "colored" metal, not sure whats up with that. Did not purchase it. Still need a good source for copper if you have one)

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