Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tulsa Bead Market

Here's the goodies I brought home from the bead show visit yesterday.
I have fallen in LUV with the man made blue and gold stone. Some awesome person seems to have come up with a mix of the two, kinda funky zebra like. I see a necklace or two for Luzs in the future for sure.
'pearls' were at almost each booth as were the crystals, altho some of the "crystals" were really cheaply made plastic.
I have no idea what the orange beads are made of, surly man made, but they are so beautiful!
Tiger eye and stone cabochons were bountiful. LUV the stone Cali lily. They were being clearanced so only a few were available with limited color choice.

If you remember last year we were hit with a horrible snow storm on the first day of this show. I arrived before they opened, grabbed what I needed and left. By then we had received half a foot of snow. It took three and half hours for me to get home! It was b.a.d. Not as many booths as last year but I was still able to do some damage to my pocket book :o)

Happy Spring, Enjoy the sun shine for another day!

FYI: I am still being blocked from comments on some blogs, but I still visit and try to comment.


  1. I love the stone cali lily (I missed those)! I had forgotten about the snow last year, maybe that was why some of my favorite vendors didn't show up. You never know about our March weather in OK. Enjoy your new beauties, Millie

  2. LOVE your stash! Can I come and play?