Saturday, July 16, 2011

Could this be a SCAM??

Say you purchased a new car on a Tuesday from Jim Glover Chevrolet in Tulsa, Oklahoma. You use the Chevrolet incentive rate of 2.9% to finance the your new automobile. You say NO to the GAP insurance and the additional three year warranty service they try to sell you.

So you have actually stopped them from getting the kick back from the bank they were going to use (5.9% interest), the extra cash they get from selling the GAP insurance and they make nothing from the company that sells the warranty coverage. Finance guy was PISSED to say the least about this, especially since NO ONE knew about the incentive the manager of the car lot had to look it up on his computer cause NO ONE at Jim Glover Chevrolet knew about the Chevrolet's incentives.

THEN on Saturday your salesman at Jim Glover Chevrolet calls you and says you have to come in and re sign your finance papers as the Chevrolet financing fell through.

Have you ever hear of such a thing???? Is this a scam??? I have been up set about this all day. Why would they let the car leave the lot if the credit had not been approved by Chevrolet? Isn't that what took the finance guy TWO hours to process the paper work??

I am afraid Jim Glover Chevrolet has a scam of some sort going on ........ thoughts???


  1. Sounds fishy to me. Things now days just aren't right!

  2. Ask to talk to someone at the Chevrolet Finance Department. If they deny you financing they are supposed to show you the reason for doing so.