Monday, November 7, 2011


Oklahoma is having an identity crisis......she thinks she is California!

We have been having earthquakes!  Everyday and MANY a day (9 in 24 hours).   Saturday night the 5.6 lasted an was so very exciting for us.   Now?  not so much.

Tonight we are under tornado watch, storm watch, flood warning, and really can't tell if it is the thunder or the earthquakes making the windows and lights shake...........go figure!

Every time we visited California I wished for a small earthquake just for the experience of it.  Now that we are into day four of quakes I am ready for them to stop as now property is being damaged and people are being injured. 

Unless we have a rider on our homeowners policy earthquake damage is not covered.  I cancelled my coverage three years ago.  Coverage cost under ten dollars a year.   Did I mention I cancelled my coverage?  The price of ONE light switch cover and we have NO insurance coverage.  *sigh*

On a happy note I have started crocheting again.  Since I had stopped crocheting I cleaned out all of my crochet supplies this past summer and donated them to a sweet local lady that makes items for shut ins and the forgotten.  However, now that I have found a couple hours down time at work each evening I needed something to keep me busy.  Crochet is so very portable.  In a month or so I will have a afghan to donate to some "cool" soul.  Pic to follow if the afghan turns out well. lol

Storms are rolling in so I must sign off!  Happy craftin.

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  1. These earthquakes are NOT fun! We haven't had any damage (luckily) but I'm always afraid to think how I'll wrangle up four dogs and keep them all safe.
    On a much happier and brighter note: I can't wait to see your crochet project! I've been supposed to be attending "crochet school" online but I've been so busy. Maybe I'll try to catch up over the weekend.
    Have a good one!