Tuesday, September 14, 2010

WOW! Look at this pic of beautiful beads by julsbeads (I lifted this pic from her blog)
Our good artist friend, Juls Cannon, and her beautiful pup need us to help them out a bit. Hop over to Juls blog for awesome deals....... the link to all her beady goodness is over there to the right since I have no idea how to make a link behind a name.
Oh and should you not find anything you would like to buy for yourself I'll share my list with ya and juls will mail them to me after you pay........she has my address.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Where do you purchase ur supplies?

I have been searching for several items to make jewelry.

Etsy is a good place to look but finding a good seller is difficult. They either charge too much for the product or the "shipping and handling" is three to four times what it actually cost to mail the items purchased. I know. I ordered the items and paid the price asked but it flat out irritates me to pay six dollars for shipping and the package arrives with a buck twenty four in postage. I "plan" on not ordering from that vendor any more so now I need a new source.

While in Oklahoma City for training for my new job this past week I tried to find bead stores. No luck. I decided to go to some scrapbook stores.....NONE, however, I did find a cigar store owner that sold me some awesome empty cigar boxes. We have thousands of wonderfully talented artist in Oklahoma.......where does everyone get their supplies???

I need jump rings and "bling" for cool chain mail. I need bling stones for ear rings like the "Cougar" makes.

I need rhinestone chain so I figured a sewing store. Nope they did not have any.

So tell me.....where do you buy your jewelry supplies?