Sunday, September 25, 2011

Paper Crown OKC

 Yes,  I made this beautiful piece of art .....with the help of KC Willis.  Still need to add the bling and hanger.....cell phone NOT included in design  :o)
 KC likes to burn stuff and make it look purdy.  Here she is putting her torch to my collage.
 these cookies were made for her and she shared with the class.  Such a giving teacher with her knowledge (and cookies).
 this blurry lady?  always in motion, telling good / god based stories.  Sharing her knowledge is her calling now.  KC Willis / Lipstick Ranch  check it.

speaking of sweet ladies.  See the lady in the white top sitting in front of KC?     that 's Lisa.  Been reading her blog for a year or so.  Such a nice lady. So glad I got to meet her in person.

Paper Crown blog is a nice place to visit for class information.  The store is to DIE for FABULOUS!  They stock such beautiful stuff, including Graphic45!!  LOVED looking at all the goodies.  The class projects are all over the store for shoppers to drool over and then sign up at the register.  Hope to go back for another class or two and of course to shop and visit.

Have a blessed week.

Monday, September 19, 2011

KC Willis in Oklahoma!

Happen to stumble across "Paper Crown" and what do I see? KC Willis is gonna be in OKC teaching! I was scared I was late arriving at the party but NO! I was able to purchase a seat.  I am gonna be sitting front and center Saturday morning in Ms Willis' class. SO very excited.

Believe me when I say COOOL stuff like this does NOT happen in Oklahoma very often.  I know we have VERY talented people in our state, however, I have not been able to find many classes round these parts.

KC Willis Lipstick Ranch is a blog I have visited off and on for a couple of years. Never dreamed I would actually get to take a class from her.

If I can find and scan the pic of my Mom in her summer best, her picture will be on the front of this.

I will tint her up all nice and purdy.

Who would you LOVE to take a class from?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

How cute!

How cute is this? I could display many necklaces on this beauty!

Check out her owner over at There is a TON of eye candy!