Friday, November 19, 2010

Cigar Box

Carter enjoying his favorite part of my shopping trip.

I found the coolest cigar boxes today for only a couple of bucks each. Now I need to decorate them. I will take pics when the sun is shinning.

Today was the first day of An Affair of the Heart at the Tulsa Fairgrounds. Man let me tell ya it was awesome. There were fewer booths than in years past and it kinda seemed like there were MANY duplicate booths. BLING was everywhere.

I was shocked at the amount of women that forgot to put their pants on before leaving the house. Apparently they did NOT watch Oprah yesterday when the critic on the show stated "leggings are NOT meant to be worn alone. Leggings are meant to be worn UNDER something, such as a short skirt." I saw one lady with two toddlers and a baby in a stroller (read as NOT young and tight skinned) wearing a short shirt with a wrap around shrug that was also short with very THIN leggins. geesh! I counted about six more pantless "ladies" besides her.

Since I finished my Christmas shopping it was worth the six buck entry fee. Oh and seeing the artistry on view. When I grow up I want to have talent!

Tomorrow is the Pecan Fest in Chetopa, Kansas. Be~jeweled by jana has a booth there. I purchased a beautiful purple necklace from her for Luzs. I look forward to meeting her.

Have an awesome week end!


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  1. Hey, Francy! I'm so glad you came. It was great meeting you in person!