Monday, September 19, 2011

KC Willis in Oklahoma!

Happen to stumble across "Paper Crown" and what do I see? KC Willis is gonna be in OKC teaching! I was scared I was late arriving at the party but NO! I was able to purchase a seat.  I am gonna be sitting front and center Saturday morning in Ms Willis' class. SO very excited.

Believe me when I say COOOL stuff like this does NOT happen in Oklahoma very often.  I know we have VERY talented people in our state, however, I have not been able to find many classes round these parts.

KC Willis Lipstick Ranch is a blog I have visited off and on for a couple of years. Never dreamed I would actually get to take a class from her.

If I can find and scan the pic of my Mom in her summer best, her picture will be on the front of this.

I will tint her up all nice and purdy.

Who would you LOVE to take a class from?

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