Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ready for spring

I think I am tired of winter. We are on a roller coaster ride on temps again. The above is a pic of an item I want in my garden this year. So I am sitting here looking at seed catalogs, so fun.

I saw on a blog yesterday an artist is making her spring line. I think I am gonna follow her lead and get out the the pretty colors of spring. I'm gonna pull beads to match the colors in the flamingo.

What's on your work bench this week?

(=^o^=) (can't figure out why spell check won't work any more. suggestions?)


  1. I LOVE that flamingo! What a cheerful picture to brighten up this dull winter!

    My motivation hasn't returned. : ( I've got a wire order coming. Maybe new wire and focusing on spring colors would help!

  2. LOL LOL that is the prettiest Flamingo I have ever seen. Love it- I can see why you want it...